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The town of Blanca is located in the heart of the “Ricote Valley” (also known as the “Moorish Valley”), a historic zone of the Region of Murcia, Spain, and one of the most beautiful spots in the fertile Murcian plain. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes that run between fruit trees, palm trees, orchards, irrigation channels and canals, it also has good communications: close to the airports of Murcia and Alicante and less than 1 hour by car from the fantastic beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. In short: an idyllic place to own a property.

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In November 2004 the Blanca Town Hall and the developer Consorcio Inmobiliario Mare Nostrum, S.A. (CIMNSA), in collaboration with the marketing companies Virdemar Inmobiliaria, S.L. (from which shortly afterwards Sunscape Property Investments, S.A. would emerge) and Tosega 2008, S.L. reached an agreement for the construction of the large residential and sports project Casa Don Juan Golf Resort.

The project included the creation of a golf course and some 7,500 residential units: villas, townhouses, apartments and duplexes, in an area that would give rise to a city of more than 20,000 inhabitants.

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SunScape began to promote the homes that would be built to receive down payments. The promoter assured that the houses would be built in 2008 and asked buyers for a deposit. In addition, some well-known banking institutions endorsed the operation, giving confidence to those who wanted to allocate their savings to this investment in “a new concept of quality of life”.

Casa Don Juan Golf Resort en la actualidadBut the minimum conditions required by law were never met: no authorization for water supply by the Hydrographic Confederation, no declaration of environmental impact, and no building permit. Nor were the warnings given by the environmental groups at the time about it being unclassified land.

The scarcity of natural resources and urban infrastructure in a municipality with no more than 6,000 inhabitants made it ultimately unfeasible to begin any works, and of course it was not possible to lay a single brick.

Cierre SunScapeLogically, the clients wanted to claim the amounts they had paid on account as a reserve for the purchase of their homes, but they did not find where or to who do so, since the sales companies had closed their offices, their contacts had disappeared and nobody wanted to take charge.

Some clients decided not to go ahead with their claim process, as they found themselves in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings of the Sunscape marketing company and the CIMNSA developer. But at Abolex Abogados we know that their money can be recovered under the protection of Law 57/1968, as our clients have also been able to prove when they have used our services (

You can rely on our experience and success in the application of the law so that we can start recovering what belongs to you (amounts paid on account and corresponding interests), as we will make the appropriate claims to the banking entities, which are the ones obliged to respond in these cases, without them serving as an excuse for an alleged lack of knowledge of the matter or an alleged insolvency of the companies that kept your money.

Recover property lost deposit money.

Contact us now and we will study your situation, so that you can recover the amounts you paid along with the corresponding interest. We will guide you and accompany you throughout the process: from the moment you tell us about your case in a first message, which can be accompanied by the documents that allow us to have a greater knowledge of the matter (contracts and proof of payment), until we receive the corresponding Court decision. And, please, always bear in mind our commitment: no win, no fee.Abolex


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