Justo y Manoli, S.L. – Camposol – Mazarrón (Murcia)

Justo y Manoli, S.L. – Camposol Mazarrón

Justo y Manoli, S.L., the promoter, sold in the UK some properties in the complex called Camposol, in the town of Mazarrón (Murcia), offering at an affordable price to many British citizens a good place to retire or to enjoy holidays with, sun and the beach, located just a few kilometers away.

Justo y Manoli, S.L. Camposol - Justo y Manoli, S.L.

The building works did complete, but with no building license, no proper planning, no reports or authorizations required, no proper settlement of the buildings, etc. It was even built without respecting the path of the “Rambla de Los Aznares”, a natural rainwater channel in the area.

All of this had serious consequences and security problems in the area, with a certain risk for property and people. There is a deficit of basic infrastructure, which is affecting the quality of life of residents, in terms of mobility and habitability. And, on the other hand, there are serious problems that have caused a deep deterioration in some areas: houses with structural damage and with pools and patios that have sunk because of the water, streets with wavy sidewalks, sloping streetlights …

Camposol Los Aznares

In addition to all these problems of construction and living conditions, many of the buyers also found that the properties they were buying were classed as “tourist bungalows”, so they had to assume the obligation of renting them during part of the year, without having been informed of it previously.

Justo y Manoli, S.L. - Aznares

The situation ended in the Spanish Courts, which condemned Justo and Manoli, S.L. and the City Council because of the many irregularities related to the Camposol complex in Mazarrón. However, when the developer Justo y Manoli, S.L. went bankrupt, the buyers found nowhere to go or where to claim their money back.

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