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Monte Puchol – Recovering investment

Around 2005 my wife and I invested approximately €70,000 in the purchase of a property in Spain through a company Monte Puchol. It became apparent after 2 years that the company were in financial trouble and the property was never built. We tried several approaches to recover our investment but were unsuccessful.

2 years ago we were contacted by a British company Reclaim in Spain who advised us of a law in Spain which allowed us to reclaim our investment through the Spanish bank in which we made most of our transactions. They suggested that we could once again try to reclaim our investment using the Spanish law company Abolex led by Martin de la Herran. Although the case took almost 2 years to go through the courts in Spain we were eventually awarded €61000 plus costs of €10000. The agreement was based on a no win no fee basis with the companies representing us.

We were overjoyed at the result as we had given up on any possibility of recovering any of our investment and as such we are delighted to recommend Abolex and their staff to anyone in a similar position or indeed anyone requiring a reliable and efficient LAW Company in Spain.


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