Law 57/1968 reclaims: Santa Ana del Monte Residential Complex – Herrada del Tollo, S.L.

Residencial Santa Ana del Monte – Herrada del Tollo, S.L.

The facts began in 2.006, when the city council of Jumilla (Murcia) approved a macro urban plan that included the construction of some 15.000 town houses and two golf courses.

The developer “Herrada del Tollo, S.L.”, through an ambitious project, offered an appealing investment possibility to acquire some wonderful properties in a unique environment (a “rural paradise”, according to their advertising): the “Santa Ana del Monte” (SADM) Residential Complex.

Santa Ana del Monte

Viviendas Santa Ana del MonteHerrada del tollo golf


The developer only required a small deposit on account for the construction of the complex, and in turn committed itself to the construction and delivery of the same within the agreed period.

But the developer “Herrada del Tollo, S.L.” did not take into account the fact that it could affect the way of life of Pascual, a shepherd who owns land that would have been occupied by the ambitious project. He explained the damage that this would cause to his livestock and, furthermore, as he had a good knowledge of the lands on which he had been working for so long, he reported a fact of extreme importance: there would not be enough water there to supply the “Santa Ana del Monte” project.

It was a long legal battle, but the Spanish Supreme Court, in view of the lack of water and its poor quality, annulled the plan because there was no proof of sufficient water resources.

Thus, “Santa Ana del Monte” was never built and the investors’ dream could not be realized either. In fact, in 2014 the demolition of the semi built constructions began.

Vista aérea Santa Ana del Monte (Abolex)

In the meantime, “Herrada del Tollo, S.L.” went into bankruptcy, leaving those who had paid amounts on account completely abandoned. Many of these were British citizens.

But, as Pascual himself said, feeling ashamed of what had happened, “the majority of Spaniards are honests and it is a pity that a different image of us is given to foreign citizens”.

Once again, he was absolutely right, since in Spain we have Law 57/1968, which requires the opening of a special account where all the amounts to be deposited for the purchase of homes under construction are deposited and also obliges the entities where these amounts are deposited to look after them, protecting the consumers.

Recover property lost deposit money.Thanks to our extensive experience with Law 57/1968, Abolex Abogados has already obtained favourable judicial sentences on the claims concerning the “Santa Ana del Monte” development in Jumilla (Murcia). The Alicante Provincial Court has been the most recent, generating great satisfaction in our clients for the attention we have given them while carrying out all the procedures to recover their money, as can be seen by reading what they have kindly written about us in the opinion section of our website (

Contact us now and we will study your situation, so that you can recover the amounts you paid along with the corresponding interest. We will guide you and accompany you throughout the process: from the moment you tell us about your case in a first message, which can be accompanied by the documents that allow us to have a greater knowledge of the matter (contracts and proof of payment), until we receive the corresponding Court decision. And, please, always bear in mind our commitment: no win, no fee.Abolex


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