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The origin: Le Jardin de Fleur

Le Jardin de Fleur - Property Logic

In 2006 Property Logic collected millions from clients who paid deposits to buy properties in the “Le Jardin de Fleur” development in Saidia, Morocco.

The Company carried out a great marketing and advertising campaign, showing images of what should have been a spectacular real estate complex and relying on great football stars, such as Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Joe Cole, Michael Carrick and the expert Gary Neville.


Today (“the problem”):

Over the years, the reality is that what should have been a luxury resort with 1,342 properties, three golf courses and a sports complex, today all its there is an abandoned building site, abandoning those who had invested their life savings in this dream.

This is today’s situation:Le Jardin de Fleur - Today

Le Jardin de Fleur - Today


You can still get your money back by submitting a claim: Although the development is located in Morocco, Abolex Abogados, experts in Spanish Law 57/68, is the right company to carry out the claim through the Spanish judicial system, since the amounts were paid, mostly through bank accounts in Spain.

In application of this law, you can claim from the banks to which the amounts were remitted, so that payment is guaranteed when the claim is successful: both the return of the amounts paid on account by the clients and the amount of the corresponding interest.

Procedure:Recover property lost deposit money.
When properties are located on Moroccan territory, the procedure may be more complicated, but, as experts in Law 57/1968, Abolex Abogados will take care of filing your claim against the appropriate banking institutions: we can process Law 57/68 cases as long as your money was transferred to a bank in Spain.


All you have to do is make an enquiry, tell us about your case and send us a copy of the relevant documents (mainly contracts that have been signed and proof of payment) using the contact form on our website: https://www.abolex.es or by email to info@abolex.es. Once we receive it, we will make an evaluation of your case without obligation and free of charge, informing you of the result as soon as we have it.

If, after the free evaluation, we consider that the claim can be successful, we will inform you of the steps to be taken. From then on we will follow our commitment “if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid”: you will not have to pay us any amount for our efforts until the final moment and only if you have received your money back. The interest will more or less cover our fees, so effectively you will be receiving your deposit back.

If you agree to these conditions, we will send you a contract and all you will have to do is sign a Power of Attorney for litigation, so that we can carry out actions on your behalf in Spain.

But please BE AWARE that the chances of initiating a Law 57 claim expires in October 2020 and the Spanish legal system has slowed down considerably by COVID-19. Please note that it may take some time to gather the appropriate documentation to take these cases to court, so it is essential to make the request as soon as possible so that we can study your case.


AbolexMake your enquiry now by following the contact form on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible: https://www.abolex.es


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