Monte Puchol: Reclamaciones Marina Alta

Monte Puchol, S.L. – Claims for unfinished properties in the Marina Alta area.

Monte Puchol, S.L. – Claims for unfinished properties in the Marina Alta area.

Law 57/68As has happened, unfortunately, on too many occasions, we now face a case of a building company that attracted the interest of many clients by showing them off plan properties which were never built.
Thanks to its promotion, the company Monte Puchol, S.L. had the capital contributed by buyers who were looking for a holiday home in the fantastic area of the Marina Alta, mainly in Llíber, and who paid large sums as deposits for the properties.

However, Monte Puchol, S.L. never got building licenses as the properties were planned on farm land, and those clients were unable to fulfil their dream of having the property they had dreamt of and were also seriously financially affected, as they lost the amounts they had deposited in the builder’s bank account.

But nothing is lost! You can now rely on the successful results that Abolex Abogados has in claims under Law 57/1968.

Thanks to Law 57/1968, we can claim not only the amounts paid on account for the properties that were never built, but also its interest since payments were made.

The builder Monte Puchol, S.L. should have taken out an insurance policy to guarantee the return of the amounts paid by buyers in case properties were never built or not delivered on time, but it did not do so. In addition, the banks that received the deposits from the buyers should have opened a special account to control that those funds were used to build the houses (and not to other uses) and they now respond under Law 57 for the loss of those amounts.

Recover property lost deposit money.So, don’t worry about the builder Monte Puchol, S.L. going bust, as we will claim your money from the banks that received the amounts paid, as they were ultimately responsible for them, as they knew that the developer was selling these properties off plan and were receiving the advance payments from clients in their accounts. In fact, we have won several Court claims against Bankia and Bankinter for this same development, which have had to reimburse our clients with significant amounts.

But we must warn you: the action under Law 57/1968 has a limited validity until October 2020, so it is essential to start your claim as soon as possible, since, in addition to the procedures suspended by the Covid-19, in the months of July and August the Spanish justice slows down.

Make your query as soon as possible filling out the contact form on our website, telling us about your case and attaching the relevant documentation (mainly, contract and documents proving the delivery of money). We will study your case, contact you as soon as possible to inform you of its viability and accompany you throughout the claim process until you get your money back. And remember: “no win, no fee“, so you won’t have to pay us any amount until we have been successful with our claim and you have received your money back.



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