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The Provincial Court of Malaga agrees with Abolex and declares the purchase and sale contracts signed with the real estate developer “Primula Developments” to be terminated.

Our clients signed several contracts for the sale of homes under construction in the “Jardines de Guaro” development in the Malaga town. The work never started and, despite the efforts of the developer to justify its failure due to delays by third parties, the Provincial Court agreed with Abolex, who is now processing the collection of the amounts delivered, plus his interests.

Abolex Abogados. Abolex Lawyers

The Provincial Court of Alicante condemns the banks to return the amounts paid on account of the purchase of a house in the “Santa Ana del Monte” development in Jumilla, by “Herrada del Tollo S.L.”

Abolex currently represents many affected by the bankruptcy of the entity HERRADA DEL TOLLO S.L., mainly clients who paid amounts on account for the purchase of homes under construction. Already in 2012, our firm decided to take risks and almost pioneering the claim against the banks that received the funds from the buyers. To date, 100% of the judgments obtained by Abolex have condemned banks to return the money deposited by our clients.

Abolex Abogados. Abolex Lawyers

Abolex: A lawyer on your side

ABOLEX LAWYERS was founded by Martin de la Herran. His team is fighting on behalf of those who have lost money deposit on homes when developers have gone bust. In Britain ‘No win, no fee’ has been a feature of the legal landscape for some time, but that wasn’t always the case in Spain. The law changed here a few years ago though, and Martin recognises its value and attractiveness to clients. Where appropriate he offers this option as he sees it as a helpful tool which gives his clients confidence.