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“I used two different lawyers who told me I had no chance. Then I was given Abolex details and I got my deposit back”

This is a big thank you to Martín de la Herrán and his team.

I had paid a deposit of €6400 for a building plot in 2007 on Dream Hills Albudeite to a company called Grupo Trampolin.

I had been given documents which they said was the permission to build. That turned out to be a lie and the document was just an application to the town hall asking for permission not the permission itself. I consulted with the Lawyer I used at that time and was advised not to proceed with the purchase.

I ask Grupo Trampolin for the deposit to be returned as I had been given false information. This was refused and I was informed that deposits are non refundable. As this deposit had been paid due to deception I insisted again on repayment.

I then used two different Lawyers to try to acquire the return but was informed that it was impossible to obtain even though I’d been deceived.

It was then by pure chance I was then given Martín de la Herrán name and email. His knowledge and experience dealing with these situation now means I have the deposit back. Even though I’d never expected to get the money Martin remained positive through out the Legal process and even worked on a no win no fee basis when I wasn’t prepared to lose any more money.

If you have a similar situation to the one above and lost all hope then these are the Lawyers you need to talk to. 100 percent positive.

Thanks again Martin.

Regards Martin Holdsworth.


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