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ABOLEX LAWYERS was founded by Martin de la Herran, a high profile lawyer and businessman, in his home town of Jerez 10 years ago, and he now also has offices in Albir. His work on behalf of those affected by the notorious cases of stolen babies in the province of Cadiz in the first half of the last century cemented his reputation as someone who is prepared to fight for people’s rights.

However, these days his main work involves fighting on behalf of those who have lost deposits on homes when developers have gone bust. The majority of these clients originate from outside Spain, so his proficiency in four languages is a huge advantage. Having an American mother has naturally contributed greatly to his command of English, but French and Italian clients also benefit from his linguistic skills.

Another factor which contributes to his high success rate with these cases is his knowledge of and experience in the property market. Previously he practised alongside a property developer (who, incidentally, shut down when the crisis hit, but without leaving anyone out of pocket). Martin then continued practising as a general lawyer, but still focusing on real estate.

In Britain ‘No win, no fee’ has been a feature of the legal landscape for some time, but that wasn’t always the case in Spain. The law changed here a few years ago though, and Martin recognises its value and attractiveness to clients. Where appropriate he offers this option as he sees it as a helpful tool which gives his clients confidence. He readily admits that lawyers in general have a less than perfect reputation when it comes to charging, so in any case offers quotations so that there are no unexpected extras or surprises.

He has also been involved with politics, and worked hard seeking solutions and measures to improve the perception of politics, with the aim of improving the freedom and equality of citizens.

Martin has a high success rate, is recommended by his clients, and has an excellent

working knowledge of the property market, so if you have an issue which would benefit from his expertise and passion, contact the Albir office on 966 865 592 (email: albir@abolex.es)

or visit www.abolex.es.


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