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“I got my deposit back on an unbuilt property. Martin is a very nice and genuine guy to be around”

Linda got her deposit back on an undeveloped property.

“We first met Martin over 5 years ago following the collapse of the company which held our deposit on an unbuilt property.  It took us until 2015 to decide to sue to retrieve our deposit.  If it was not for Martin, who was always willing to answer questions no matter how trivial, we would still not have made that decision.  He was the only lawyer we spoke to, we spoke to many, who explained that it was unusual for a court to award costs in these cases.  Martin is as good as it gets in terms of effective and experienced counsel, especially on matters requiring local expertise and understanding of the dynamics of the local court’s personalities. In court he knew exactly when to make a pointed response to a legal argument.  I was heavily medicated during our court appearance and very vague but he managed to win for us.  He is articulate and smart. Apart from professional expertise, he’s a really nice, genuine guy to be around.”. (Linda N.)


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